Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flame Tree Festival 2008

Like many others, my family and I went to the FTF over the weekend. I had planned to give a quick tour, eat some probably unhealthy food and expose Alexander to more arts, crafts, dance, music and eclectic cultures...maybe a couple of hours at most.

Instead we stayed most of the day on Saturday and came back for several more hours on Sunday. We had a good time and experienced all of the above mentioned luxuries and a few more. I even got a free trip to Pagan Island. Here are a few pics culled from the hundred or so taken during the Festival.

Thanks to our friend Parker Yobei and the rest of the staff at the Arts and Culture Council. They all had to work very hard to put this show on.

My only complaint is about the venue. Once again the event was held at the thin strip of park at the Civic Center and once again it was too small, too dusty, too crowded, had too little parking and they wouldn't let me wear a tutu. Worst of all...not a flame tree in sight. Might I suggest a change of location for next year?

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