Monday, April 21, 2008


Saturday afternoon I met Missy and Deece at their weekly knosh and knit function at Coffee Care. They were kind enough to show me how to perform the initial slipknot/braid base that all crochet starts with.

I'm sure the initial attempts were pretty laughable. Unlike the photos you see above of nice crochet work, mine looked more like a miniature dog leash, after the dog has chewed on it for a while. My son, Alexander, pretty much stayed away from the manufacturing table sensing pending embarrassment at his Dad's gnarly attempts at craftsmanship.

My homework for the week is to buy some yarn and practice that procedure until it looks better and the loops are even. Then they will teach me to add rows to the edges. I should be able to make whole dog collars within a year or two.

Thanks, Ladies, I had a good time. The conversation was fun and I learned a lot about the process. The food was good and afterward I met up and had a few beers with Heinz Stauffler who was hanging around there too, but not (or knot) knitting.
Oh yes, in southern-speak it's called "Cro'shee" instead of the correct pronunciation "Cro-Shay' "


Anonymous said...

Yay for crochet! We will be there again on Saturday, but this time 3pm-5pm. Hope that you can make it!

bradinthesand said...

Dear Bruce,

Why did you kick me out of your life? Trust me, you'll be needing me again. Until then, I'll be out and about drinking beer in the Garapan party district while you enjoy strawberry daiquiris.

Waiting for your return,

Your Manhood

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Brad, Say it isn't so.

I've been knitting you a new pair of soccer socks to console you on your near win against the Guahan Gadflys. ...and now you reject me. Oh Woe!


Yep, Missy, I'll be there for lesson #2. BB

bradinthesand said...

LOL! Alright, Bruce, that was my sole dig for the topic. Hope you're enjoying your new hobby.