Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to Austerity Fridays

The Senate passed the Austerity Bill without ammendment (5 for, 1 abstention, 3 missing in action) placing it on the Governor's desk.

The Governor gets additional reprogramming authority.

Many Government workers will have every other Friday off, unpaid. (The scuttlebutt was about doing it EVERY Friday).

3 unpaid Holidays, Memorial, Labor and Liberation Day.

Underpaying the Retirement fund. (11% contribution across the board)

Of course there are exceptions. PSS exempts its 1100 or so employees. NMC exempts the couple of hundred over there. So call it 75% will feel the Austerity Bite and 25% will go unscathed.

As an interesting side bar, Sen Pete Reyes abstains from voting citing pozzolan income as an alternative to Austerity measures.

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