Friday, April 4, 2008

CUC Out of Fuel

They need 2 Million to pay the credit card bill.

Help me with the math on this one. They go short on residential income 1 month late last year (November election time- conveniently) to the tune of about a nickel/kWh. Then they collect full tilt for a few months. Now this month it goes back to under collection (the temp emergency ban expired) but they increased commercial rates more than enough to make up for it. So why are we still 2 Million in the hole? They aren’t even collecting the shorted amounts yet. They are still collecting from full charge months.

Should we be asking/demanding a full audit to see what the real costs are and the real expenditures? Without that piece of data how can they hope to charge at least the true cost of production? Could a privatized CUC guess any better? I don’t think so. Real hard data is needed. If it is already there, why not share it with the public? If it is not in hand, when will it be available?


KAP said...

CUC won't tell you what day it is. Good luck getting any real info out of them.

glend558 said...

They think were mushrooms.
Keep 'um in the dark and feed 'um bullshit. There is NO accountability there, so it seems.
They either don't want to or have no explanation for their responsibilities. Now there will be new people to blame though. The PUC.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Will the PUC be able to get that info out of them? OPA?

Commercial rates have gone above 41 cents/kWh which aught to finish off a few more businesses, reducing the oxen herd further.

Note that the PUC is not tasked with, nor given the power to manage, cut costs or affect CUC operations...only rates and consumer interactions.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

On a positive note, a CUC line crew working in the area, when asked to, replaced the light sensitive switch on the street light in front of my house. Now it shuts off during daylight hours as it is supposed to. One small step toward saving some power.

I'm sure that light burning 24/7 chewed up a lot of kilowatt hours. I'm betting there are lots more of them out there.

Thanks CUC crew!!

Anonymous said...

if it's the typical 175 watt street light, @ 24/7 would be 126kWh per month. at .41/kWh, thats $51/month, or $1.72/day.