Saturday, October 25, 2008

Come and Enjoy

As you have probably noticed, I have not been very active blog-wise for the last several weeks. That will probably continue for the foreseeable future. Certain monkey picture creatures and similar cretins are probably ecstatic since they can preach to their choir without serious objection to their idiotic pabulum now. All six of you will just be sick with worry.

You may or may not know that I have taken on the responsibility for marketing Saipan, Tinian and Rota to our major markets, Japan, Korea, China, Russia and the US. I am working with the MVA team to try and develop new markets while growing the existing ones.

Since we are a one-legged economy now, it is especially important that we keep that leg active and growing. Any gout symptoms in that last remaining leg will leave all the hangers-on without anything to hang on to, so we are working extra hard to keep tourism alive and well in the Marianas.

I’m having a good time and the task is both interesting and challenging. Come by or call/email MVA headquarters with your ideas, comments, questions or challenges. I’ll be happy to listen and take the best you have to offer and try and apply it to the task at hand.
The Emerald is back in the water and running well after an annual refit/preventative maintenance check. If you are interested in weekend diving, snorkeling or fishing give me a call. Unlike the anonymous blog assholes, I am in the book.

Monday, October 13, 2008


The world is full of coincidences, a few real, some imagined, most staged.

Miura, after 7 months in the Saipan hoosegow, volunteers to waive extradition when a California Judge correctly rules it would be double jeopardy to retry him for the murder of his wife after the high court in Japan already ruled him innocent. Now that he is almost sure to get let out on bail after sitting in the CNMI can for 7 months, he decides freedom is just too much responsibility and kills himself in an LA jail cell. Right.

I’m believing that one about as much as I’m going for the coincidence of US DEA storm troopers harassing 147 out of 187 Chinese passengers aboard an inaugural flight from Shanghai with tourism officials aboard “just because it’s their job”. Strange that they never performed their job that way before. Strange that they ‘didn’t profile’ but chose as their victims of intimidation and harassment 100% Chinese citizens. The nazi-like DEA stormtroopers claim they were ‘tipped off’ to a drug smuggling operation. Of course having found no, repeat no illegal drugs on the flight or in any of the bags which were checked three separate times, or on any the 147 persons whose underwear they checked and whose private parts they fondled repeatedly leaves one wondering about just who tipped them off. I say try checking Allen Stayman, or one of his henchmen. There is your likely ‘coincidence’. Find the ‘informer’, you will find the motivation for the outrageous harassment episode.