Thursday, May 1, 2008

Taps plays - 2739 passes

By nearly a 2 to 1 margin S-2739 passed on 4/29/08 @ 7:18 US time. Miller and Pelosi score knockout!

The QUESTION was : On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass (I wonder if Rep Sablan objects to them suspending the rules in order to get to the vote?).

BILL TITLE: Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008. We are considered a natural resource of the US, to be used, mined and the slag cast off.

With one more signature, self rule ends in the CNMI.

Soon we can bend over and try to work out the best deal we can as a subjugated colony.

Or is there still hope?


G said...

In regards to the Tina question, are you serious?

S 2739 under went extensive debate and discussion, all portions of this bill were passed through the house, the senate also conducted extensive debate and discussion, all bills that passed the house were merged into this omnibus bill which the public and the house members have had an extensive amount of time to read through and make comments, the bill was passed in the senate, the house and the public were fully aware of the contents of this bill and thus the house suspended the rules and passed it on first and final when it came back to them.

You are either simple minded or simply taking an unwarranted cheap shot.

What gets Tina and people like her upset is when a bill is drafted and disscussed behind closed doors, never prefiled, votes are garnered behind closed doors without public opinion, the bill is placed on the floor during an emergency session (no public notice), the floor rules are suspended, debate and discussion on the floor is stiffled, and the bill is passed on first and final reading.

There is a huge difference between these two scenerios.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

My, you really are thin skinned aren't you?

In point of fact it was a tongue in cheek aside. If Tina has a problem with that let her post a reply. Or are you her official spokesman now?

Speaking of simple minded, you must be, or you have a severe case of paranoia working there, "G". Mellow out a little.

Jeff said...

Play taps for the 4.00 per hour accountants and engineers for local businesses, and amen to that.

Colonization has come a long way. When Caesar conquered the Gauls, he killed a million and enslaved another million. Now we have a vote that 75 percent of the "colonized" agreed to, including the immigration provisions, and the colonizers provide millions in school and road funds, feed the masses via food stamps, fema funds so a hurricane turns into a windfall and countless other trappings of strange imperial plunder.

G said...

"With one more signature, self rule ends in the CNMI."

Yeah, Bruce, I am the one with severe paranoia.

Take your own advice and "Mellow out".


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I can recommend a good shrink for you "G". Admitting your problem is, as they say, half the problem. (:-))


I agree, Jeff, it seems that the colonists have improved their game plan over the last couple of centuries. They have learned to scrape off a few more chunks of the pie as the process to subjugate them and render them a full fledged and dependant welfare state progresses. By the way, I like that turn of phrase, 'Imperial Plunder'.

Bread and circuses have been the game plan to keep the huddled masses huddled for quite a while now. Works as well here as as it did in Rome. Fema me again, Sam.

As an aside I will tell you that when I actually took serious damage from Typhoon Chaba (like half the building was demolished) real fema assistance was nowhere to be found. The hoop jumps for a leased property indemnification made wasting time on it ludicrous. I just anted up and rebuilt out of pocket.

As for food stamp(s), I have been wondering why all the stores around here only accept one at a time. Is it some sort of rationing?? (:-))

KAP said...

Tricky of those colonizers to negotiate and such. And to actually implement the Covenant? Who'd have expected it?

Ungird your loins, defender of the locals, this battle is lost.

G said...

I am sure you know many shrinks. No thanks to your offer on forwarding any recomendation to me though, seeing as how poor a job they have done with you.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yes, "G" whiz, I actually speak to quite a variety of people unlike head-in-the-sanders like yourself and the rest of the peanut gallery of followers steeped in your own little pool of 'transparent' but mostly useless amorphisms.

Now go away as you are becoming as uselessly annoying as your sister in tripe, l’ol knucklehead. The word niggling comes to mind. Bye now.


Right you are, KAP. The moat has been breeched and the infidels are upon us. Might as well see if we can sell them some of our fish as they overrun us. Or maybe give them a few islands.

All that is left now is to try and negotiate the best deal we can get out of the regulatory quagmire to come, while we litigate (likely unsuccessfully) the new law as unconstitutional and/or uncovenantal. (Can he really use that word). Hell yes, if he can think it up, he should be able to use it.(:-)) You heard it here first as Angelo likes to say.

Mike Ronesia said...

B&G, I'm going to send both of you to your rooms if you don't play nice! None of it matters. In 50 years China or some other country will have us all living as slaves mining pozzolan on Pagan. Politics are like monopoly, it's all about who's got the money until someone kicks the board, then none of it matters.