Wednesday, May 14, 2008

$15.00 gets you a Chinese Dinner and two free drinks plus a sampling of the talent that will represent the Marianas and the Public School System in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. You may even get a chance to play Rock Band! Bloggers: please help spread the word. Tickets available soon from Boni, Tony Jr., Saipan Southern High School, Porky's or shoot me an email!

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The above is posted as copied from Boni's Blog (stolen rather, without permission).

The occasion is a fundraiser for the 5 music students here on Saipan who have been chosen to play in the opening ceremonies for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The kids are working hard and will essentially give up their entire summer holiday to practice, travel and perform.

They need funds to get them to Guam where they will continue the practicing and then to get them to Beijing and maintain them.

Please come out on Saturday the 24th and support these fine students and their mission to positively portray the Marianas in the upcoming Olympic Games. You'll have a great time, the food will be excellent and the cause is a good one. See you there!

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