Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thanks for your Support

The fundraiser drew a nice crowd and a good time was had by all. Back pats should go out to Boni for putting this together and taking on a third full time job. Thanks.
The Manta Jazz Ensemble played many notable (okay, cut me some slack) tunes. The sound was fabulous. Thanks.

Everyone liked the gourmet Chinese food buffet. Thanks to Olive and the inspired staff. Thanks

Danny saved the day by welding Tony’s broken Trombone. Thanks.

Anthony Gomez, Trini MacDuff, David Bautista, Michio Nagata and Raegina Castro, hopefully soon to be on their way to Beijing, all say “Thanks”.

Most importantly, there is still time for you to donate to this wonderful cause. Contact Boni Gomez, principal at Garapan Elementary School, or Will DeWitt the Bandleader at Saipan Southern High School. Thanks

This is the CNMI's only chance to have a presence at the Summer Olympics and it's worldwide audience so please kick in whatever you can afford to help them defray expenses. Thanks.

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