Friday, March 28, 2008

Saturday Fundraiser for Santa Remedios Church

There will be a fundraiser for a construction project at the Santa Remedios church in Tanapag Saturday, March 29th starting at 5:30PM

The fundraiser will be held at Porky’s Beach Bar and Restaurant and will feature free food, entertainment, prizes and lots of fun with nice folks from the church and elsewhere.

The ukulele stylings of The Fireshot Band start the evening off, then attendees can dance and enjoy the music of The Icon Band. There will be plenty of free food and plenty of good conversation. The event goes on all evening indoors and out by the beach too.

Tickets are $15 and includes all the above plus two free beverages. Please buy a ticket and support this worthy project. Even if you cannot attend the event, please buy a ticket anyway. You won’t miss the $15 bucks and it will help the church a lot!

Proceeds go directly to the Church and will be used for the construction project. The church is converting a couple of containers into a house for the resident priest who now has to commute to housing in CK.

contact 322-0486 or 898-4423 or 287-0687 for ticket information

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