Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I saw a letter to the editor from Ron Hodges yesterday in which he formally resigned from the Chamber of Commerce. I got a pretty good laugh out of it (breath exhaling smirk-wise) and asked myself the obvious question: what took him so long?

It reminds me of the unbalanced, and of course anonymous, birdbrain who posted repeatedly on Jeff Turbitt’s blog a while back about how he disliked it and how bad it was etc. Jeff answered the guy by stating the obvious; then why do you keep coming back to read it? Jeff went on to ask the guy if he repeatedly went back to restaurants he didn’t like.

At least the pitiful nony wasn’t paying to attend the Hyper-critical Thoughts blogsite as Ron was paying to flagellate himself over membership in the Chamber.

Good move, Ron. You’ll feel better now.

* * * *

It sort of reminds me of the, (you guessed it), nony who showed up commenting here on Saipanuvian Speaks the other day. He was complaining that his wife was dry and his sex drive only luke warm. Maybe Dr. Bruce could help the guy out if he were a real person instead of a cowardly anonymous puke. Blah.

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