Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Parasol Pete

What can Senate President Pete Reyes have on his mind? What can he gain from this back-bowing resistance to holding the Joint Session/State of the Commonwealth speech in the recent traditional venue, the Multi Purpose Center? Why would he choose to make this particular fight? It just seems silly.

Saving money is what Sen. Reyes claims, and while true, it also blocks access to hundreds of citizens who would otherwise attend and hear this important message. Even at the much larger (and properly air conditioned) MPC the crowd that gathers is SRO with just about every inch filled to capacity.

Hey, if you really want to save money Senator Pete, just hold it outside. Then you don't need to use electric lighting or aircon. Give the Gov and the DC Rep a DPS bullhorn (already paid for) and let 'em rip. Attendees: bring an umbrella.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Sorry, Boni. No offense is intended. I just can't figure out his motivations here. Anyone have an idea what is really going on?

KAP said...

To a not-very-interested bystander it sounds like more turf-fighting. They should keep up with the fiddling, that's not smoke you smell.

Anonymous said...

The hall isn't filled with regular citizens. It is filled with government appointees and employees, many who are told to be there. Trust me, half the people at the Multipurpose Center don't want to be there. They are there to show face, or because a boss forced them to show up to "show support".