Thursday, March 27, 2008

Earthquake at 6:07AM Thurs 3-27-08

While sitting here at the computer I began to feel a moderately strong tremor. My fishing rods lean against the wall in my office/den/computer room and they began to sway and dance a bit.

No damage, nothing fell off shelves etc so the quake was not a major one, here at least.

Did you feel it where you are?


KAP said...

Shucks, the earth didn't move for me. Enough to wake me up anyway.

lil_hammerhead said...

I felt a quake.. a shift in "the force" if you will. I believe it was due to my return.

Thanks Porks! for helping "drive" traffic to "the best blog in Saipan"! :}

Great piece (of garbage).

I guess you don't appreciate the wide-ranging posts or photoshopped pics anymore?

I've reciprocated with a lovely piece on you in my blog.

I apologize for being unable to reply sooner.

Don't fuss too much Porks.. one day, you to may be bestowed with a special link to your site by the SaipanMiddleRoad gods.

God bless and good luck.. you need both more than most.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yeah, Ken, EMO will probably be reporting on it tomorrow or the next day. Sort of like the recent news article announcing that there was a High Surf Advisory... yesterday. Quite the “emergency”.


I can assure you no traffic linked from my site to yours, monkey poo. I expect the inverse is also true.

If a link from middle road is what excites you, well, you should be excited. If that poor schmo's ridiculous description of a person too cowardly to even introduce themselves as 'brave' turns you on, then you need the dubious god blessing more than anyone I can think of.

I did notice you made no attempt to refute the anonymous blog /KKK piece. Not surprising from a dish so shallow.

Well, so long monkey mucous...slither on back to your hole and preach to that choir some more.

lil_hammerhead said...

The "link" seems to have excited you, more than it did anyone else. You immediately posted on it, and now refer to one of the SMR bloggers as "a poor schmoe".

:} There was no need to comment on your desperate "KKK theory".. it is the obvious product of envy and delusion, with a teaspoon of hate and a pinch of senility.

I don't just preach to the choir.. I do also convert ;}

Bruce A. Bateman said...

As usual, you miss the point. The referrence is not about the link, but the misapplication of the word 'brave' when referring to an obvious

Yes, you're quite the knucklehead, mr. poo. Yours are the dribblings of a dried up, delusional and frankly pitiful slug. Your self styled attempts to aggrandize your own pathetic offerings as ‘the best’ amuse adults, rather than bemuse.

As for converting souls….there may actually be one instance: some poor slob posted over here that he/she/it just “wuvs” you. Probably one of your incestuously derived children, or an ex prison mate. You couldn’t convert water into ice with a freezer at hand.

Back to the quagmire, gutless.

lil_hammerhead said...

Oh darn, "mr. poo", "slug", "incestuously derived".. you (and the adults) got me! I'm packing up the tent, closing up shop. :}

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You can't close up shop knucklehead, you need to posture and pontificate (even if its only to a handful on these blogs) in order to give yourself a facade of meaning to a lame and pitiful life. Now slither on home. You grow tiresome.

cactus said...

You know, here are people you here who like to read both your blogs, and regard you both as interesting and provocative commentators, but really don't need bullshit like this from either of you.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Good point, cactus.

Case closed.