Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramblin' Man

I think Mr. Bradinthesand is far too busy with other, more important pursuits, to have time to post to his blog site. Given the same choice,,,,,I wouldn’t be typing right now. How about you?

Likewise I'm afraid Deece will never get around to giving us our WWII fix, so badly needed to keep our psychological equilibrium.

The Porky's TT (Taya Talent) ten plus one soccer team met with ignominious defeat during it's last game a couple of weeks ago. This did not stop a good deal of rampant celebration. The after game party at Porky's was, sadly, not memorialized in photographs.

Next year will be better as the playing field will be leveled talent wise by having a player draft or better yet, pick Captains then have a random lottery determine team rosters.

And speaking of parties, the Marianas Dive scuba diving promotional and just plain fun organization held a fund raiser/party/relaxation event last weekend. A good time was had by all.

A new band called FIRE SHOT played their public debut to resounding applause at Porky's during the party. They will be playing happy hours on Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays and other random days during the week. They are good!

Welcome Brad and Jeong-ah, scuba divers from Korea, now living on Saipan! Sorry about the fuzzy photo, I may have had one extra Mojito during the photography session.


Boni said...

So that's where Brad's been:) Forgiven. Deece's back! Woo-hoo. Taya Talent will prevail one day:0

bradinthesand said...

ha ha...

Jeff said...

It's good to be Brad.