Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another in the Transportation Series

Yes, here is CHC's newest, state of the art piece of replacement equipment, recently purchased from the remaining funds, after a few minor expenses, supplied as a grant from the Nigerian Department of Banking and Cultural exchange.

You will note the new dialysis machine in the background, peeking out from behind the decompression chamber and the MRO scanner. All are portable units which can be 'hitched up' at a moments notice.

A doctor is expected to be on island soon who will be able to operate this piece of high tech, life saving ambulance equipment. If some additional budget money for CHC operations does not appear pretty soon, he may be very lonely.


Boni said...

Is that the cardiologist in the yellow hat?

Pilgrim said...

I see that the roof is flat, enabling that medivac helicopter to land on top instead of going all the way to Guam to treat broken arms.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'm glad you two are in the spirit! Thanks for reading.