Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Go see this one

The Arts Council Gallery on Capitol Hill (next to the Post Office) has some interesting items on display that are worth a side trip when you have the time.

Hour of operation are 10Am to 7PM Monday - Friday plus 9AM to noon on Saturdays.

Even though the total number of artists is down from last year, there are still interesting things to see like a variety of woven fish traps and some odd and unusual craft items.

Check it out and enjoy. By the way, most of the items are for sale so it makes for an interesting shopping venue too.


Boni said...

Thanks for sharing pictures. It helps seeing how beautiful everything is, I'll bring my kids. BTW, how does one catch the chicken bus?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You're welcome, Boni. Its worth the trip.

Go to the Fiesta, hang around out front til the Chicken bus arrives. Look Japanese. Have a shopping bag. Bow as you enter the bus. Have a camera slung around your neck.

Just kidding, for now you can just climb on board and enjoy the ride. It goes from the Fiesta to the Grand. I have also occasionally seen it going to the northern hotels. (I think it will take a hotel guest or Big Boyz customer who requests it, just about anywhere).


Boni said...

Cool, I know what we're doing on Sunday!