Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interesting event tomorrow evening Wed., Sept. 19th

Marianas Dive & DFW Present
On Wednesday September 19th at 7PM enforcement officers from the Division of Fish & Wildlife will give a power point presentation on the rules and regulations governing our CNMI waters. This will be in conjunction with the Marianas Dive meeting beginning at 6:30 PM at Porky's beach bar behind the McDonald's on beach road. Everyone is welcome to attend this very important meeting intended to help DFW disseminate accurate and up-to-date information to everyone with a vested interest in our waters. Since we live on an island that relies on the sea for survival in so many ways this really could apply to everyone!Porky's owner Bruce Bateman has indicated all Marianas Dive members will enjoy drink specials and perhaps even get front row seats! If you've never been to Porky's it's a very comfortable and spacious bar with access to an outside seating area that over looks the lagoon. Not a bad place to spend an evening!Basic Marianas Dive membership cost only $20 annually so just the specials at Porky's is worth the fee.Just to be clear the presentation is open to everyone and does not cost a dime!Hope to see you all there!

The above was plagerized verbatim from Mike Tripps blogsite. Please send all copyright attorneys directly to Mr. S. Blogger.

Everyone welcome! Even if you are not a member the presentation should be interesting, the company stimulating and the host, well humble and brilliant.

Wednesdays are smokeless at PORKY'S so bring your smokes, but please puff on 'em outside at the Gazebo Bar or the Beach Patio.

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