Monday, July 16, 2007

Wonder me this, Please

This is a B1B breaking the sound barrier............a fairly major Modern Wonder, but overlooked in the recent poll.

New 7 wonders.
I am surprised at the choices made by voters worldwide responding to a raw numbers poll of what the ‘Modern 7 Wonders of the World” should be.

No mention of engineering marvels of construction like the Yang Tse River dam in China, or an Apollo rocket booster more powerful than every army on earth combined when the original 7 were named. No mention of other engineering feats like the English channel ‘Chunnel’. No mention of buildings soaring to heights unbelievable even a hundred years ago like the Petronas Towers, Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower or the new contender, the Burj Tower in Dubai which will be completed next year and will soar to an amazing 2,651 feet (eclipsing rivals by more than a thousand feet). No mention of any of the real Modern Marvels, just a rehash of some older stuff that has managed to survive for a time. If you want just older items where is the Cathedral at Chartres? Or the Castle Anthrax? If you want really old stuff then why are the Giza Pyramids not included? They are, after all, the only remaining monument left of the original 7 and no one to this day has built a bigger pile of rocks. Hey, what about an Intel computer chip, (or a Lays artificial potato chip)? What about the Jarvick Heart?

Here is what the random poll turned up: 1. China's Great Wall, 2. India's Taj Mahal, 3. Peru's Machu Picchu, 4. the Roman Coliseum, 5. Brazil's statue of Christ, 6. Petra, Jordan, and 7. Chich├Żn Itza’, Mexico.

Think about it for a time and come up with a list of What YOUR choices would be for the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Please post your responses. I’ll post mine after I’ve had a chance to see some of yours and steal your really good ones.

Rules: It can be anything you think wondrous and worthy of inclusion. 7 items only. Extra credit for humor. Entries will be tallied and the winners chosen and results will be listed in a new post. The opinion of the blog host will be final, or maybe not. (I hesitate to use the term blog MASTER for fear of retaliation from the international left, or perhaps right, wing conspiracy).

Thanks for responding.


BoReGo said...

I'm sooo IN, I love it and I'm starting all my searches for my 7 wonders!

marianas life said...

i have one, the 7 mile bridge in FL.

diving wed sounds good. 10 am?

zzsimonb said...

What about the beerbox?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks Boni, looking forward to your 7.

Wed at 10A it is Bree. I went to shipwreck yesterday afternoon...conditions were perfect. Ian will enjoy it, maybe B29 for second dive. Bring two tanks.

Sorry Simon, I forgote to mention the beer box. 1st in a series of liquid cooled computers.

Harry Blalock said...

Sorry Bruce, I'm a bit swamped at work this week. As far as getting together with Bree, from what I've just seen, she's not someone I want anything to do with.

marianas life said...

i guess harry didn't see my public apology for not asking permission to use his pictures or he isn't interested in accepting it. that's too bad. harry's a funny guy and i liked talking to him the one time i met him. he was a great help with the environmental camp too.

marianas life said...

bruce, sorry, but i'm out for tomorrow. new teachers coming in and i'm the welcome wagon:) maybe i'll bring em by porky's for some eats on friday night once the two i'm responsible for get here (one today another thursday) tomorrow i'm the tourguide, here's your classroom, here's your per diem, find a place to live, get a license, police clearance and physical all in one day gal! have fun with ian

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'll miss you two on the dive. Okay, diving with Ian and Jim (teacher from MHS) room for one more. Tomorrow, 10AM at the Smiling Cove Marina. 2 dives.

bigsoxfan said...

Great idea Bruce

1) Budweiser, Crap it may be, but it is the same crap all over the world. From a technical brewing standpoint, their consistency is amazing.

2) Brassieres, which hook in the front and the men who have mastered unhooking them.

3) Spandex in all colors and forms (excepting; Speedo’s and stretch pants on matronly figures)

4) Keith Richards; just being alive is a miracle.

5) The Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy morning. I was passing underneath in fog one morning, while the bridge was undergoing a paint job. As the fog lifted and allowed the sun’s morning rays to light up the span with shafts of shining light, a fellow on deck with me, noticing the heavy streaks of red primer, observed: “it looks like a whore in the morning, before she puts on her make up“.

6) The Trident D-5 submarine launched missle with ten 20KT MIRVed Warheads. For when you really want someone to know you are seriously pissed.

7) The Beer Box- Note to self, check that out, must be cool.

8) Al Gore; for giving us the internet and the attendant free porn.

9) The cold fusion nuclear reactor for the home. OOP’s, got a little ahead of myself. My final CUC bill was $2.00 shy of my deposit. So sweet.

10) Shincken Wurst and the coronary by-pass go hand in hand for #10

Jeff said...

I think Scarlet Johanson might be on that list. Angelina Jolie is a redhead now, so add her as well. I'll add more later.

Ed Stephens Jr said...

I nominate the P-38 can opener. Coolest thing ever made.

Pilgrim said...

seven "wonders" of the CNMI

1. I "wonder" why the CNMI is bound and determined to dig it's own grave- politically, socially and economically.

2. I "wonder" why the locals so fear the Filipinos? One only needs to look at Guam and see how many Filipinos are in the Legislature or more importantly apparently, control the money.

3. Does anyone ever "wonder" how Stanley Torres can write so fluently now when before he couldn't put a sentence together properly.

4. I have a friend who "wonders" why CUC can legally impose additional taxes on the public by causing the customer base to pay for their delinquent accounts, primarily the Government. He thought only the legislature could impose taxes.

5. In the same vein,I "wonder" how license and permits can be so high when there is no correlation to the actual cost of producing those items? The Executive Branch imposting additional taxation? Hardly seems legal.

6. Who "wonders" about why the legislature and governor are all for this new labor bill, which is a disaster? Is it becaue they fear Tao Taotano? And believe that future legislatures will repeal it? Tell me one company that can afford to lose their key people for months, like Controller, Operations Manager, Senior Technician, IT manager, etc. What are businesses to do? Hire twice as many people as necessary to make sure there are no gaps in the critical workforce when the repatriation takes place? Such thinking works well in government when most everyone doesn't work very much anyway, but struggling businesses? This "wonder" is certainly one for the books.

7. Is it any "wonder" why the CNMI is going down in flames?

glend558 said...

Now I wonder:
1-Why time goes faster as you get older?
2-Why do we dream?
3-Why do dogs chase cars?
4-Why, if heat rises, do ice cubes float?
5-Why do hurricanes and typhoons rotate differently?
6-Why men are so fascinated with boobs?
7-Why do we believe in wishes?
I wonder which bar is yours, you mentioned that you owned one, tell me where it is.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

It's Porky's Beach Bar in Garapan next to McDonald's, facing the beach. Come on by, please.

Typhoons and hurricanes rotate the same direction as long as they are in the same N/S hemisphere.

Because they are soft to sleep on and fun to drink from. And we like to go labalbnalbalbalalba. (Bear with me here, I'm trying for more " most sexist" votes as I seem to be trailing miserably).

Because they want to drive.

THANKS ALL FOR YOUR POSTS SO FAR! I'm makin' a list and checking it twice.

Saipan Writer said...

I was disappointed in the "new" 7 wonders list, too.

Off the cuff (and I'm sure I'll want to revise later):

1. Man on the moon, the Hubbel telescope, any and all satelites in space, space stations, etc. (Would these be a wonder of the "world"? I think so--made here, launched here. We have to claim these.)
2. The computer chip, in all its various incarnations and locations
3. electricity--and all that goes with it--poles, wires, etc.
4. Any skyscraper, anywhere in the world (but my personal favorite would be the Chrysler Bldg, in NYC)
5. any man-made tunnel (scarier than all-get-out) (you can fill in your fave!)
6. Nan Madol--if we're looking for old and unexplained
7. McDonald's in India--beef-free. That's a wonder (and a good thing).