Saturday, July 14, 2007

He's not Batman, he's Elmer Fudd.

Duh, which way did he go?

I noticed over on Angelo’s blog that the dungre is at it again. He now wonders if he or his fellow paid stooges can arrest the Governor of the CNMI without a warrant, and would probably like to see him hanged without due process as well or put in with the other victims of the US down in GitMo. Typical of the so-called liberal set. Most are liberal as long as it suits them and stateist totalitarians the rest of the time. The veneer of equal treatment under the law is very thin indeed with most of them. Most are the spitting mirror image of the neocons they claim to detest.

Have you noticed that this dungre clown is from a city where the Mayor is a drug addict/dealer who is routinely re-elected by the charming and righteous population. Have you noticed that his city is home to a population defined by its huge percentage of residents on the welfare roles? Have you noticed that his odorous Washington DC has one of the highest crime rates on the face of planet Earth? Have you noticed that violent crime there, rape, murder, armed robbery etc. grows ever worse? Have you noticed that what few people who live there not on direct welfare, are on indirect welfare sucking at the public tit while pretending to work for one phony-job government agency or another? There are more whorehouses in DC than total citizens in the CNMI. The place is a stinking cesspool of hate, greed and violence.

All this and the dungmeister is terribly worried about how much garment workers used to be paid here on Saipan 10 frigging years ago. Bullshit. I don’t buy it for a minute. The guy is on the payroll of some group out to smear the CNMI for it’s own selfish reasons. Why else would he give a rats ass what happens on a little island 9000 miles from his chosen cesspool of a home? My guess is that his is in the pay of the same lobbyists that paid the pelosi/miller duad to clip the wings of the then sizable garment industry here on Saipan back in the 90’s to keep them from competing with their own garment factories on the US mainland and elsewhere. Payola would explain his rabid fascination with the past affairs of a small Commonwealth thousands of miles from the stink of his own backyard.

His mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries. And no, his sanctimonious cover story of curing the ills of all mankind by using vinegar to clean his fridge instead of a P&G product just doesn’t cut it on the believability scale. I give him a 2. I don’t like to resort to the ad hominem argument but this slime ball deserves it. Dung indeed.


marianas life said...

now now bruce, calm down, and go... sailing! quoting monty? barry is still mayor of DC? and did you know that Flint MI is now the most violent city in the US? DC doesn't even rank in the top 5. They are making progress in the belly of the beast.

I don't generalize and typecast all conservatives (yourself included) so please don't generalize about all liberals. I think my political views pigeonhole me in that category since there seem to only be 2 in the US, but either way, I doubt your views about me, Doug, jeff or Angelo are what you've posted. Are you just trying to push Dennis's buttons? His name is Dennis Green hence Dengre.

marianas life said...

plus, i think ben looks good in the carrot suit, don't you? its a nice color for him:) it was a creative picture, you have to give him that:) almost as good as your head on the mr. universe pic.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The carrot suit is nice and yes, button pushing.

Enjoyed the sail, glad we brought Ian and his daughter along.

Lets all go diving.


Anonymous [#006] said...

marianas life said...

I doubt your views about me, Doug, jeff or Angelo are what you've posted. Are you just trying to push Dennis's buttons? His name is Dennis Green hence Dengre.

Actually, his name is Dennis Greenia. And if you do a google search, with the name in quotes, you will see that Bruce is quite on the mark as far as his employer supporting the ongoing vengeful character assasination of the CNMI by Allen Stayman, to prove that islanders can't push him around. (!)

Follow the money. The Miller/Pelosi protectionism undoubtedly was the inspiration behind the Pirates of Saipan and the bogus class action.

But now it's all about revenge, and making us as a community pay for the sins of Abramoff, DeLay, and Bush.

Without even a non-voting delegate, we do make a good whipping boy.

Jeff said...

Ruth Tighe made a good point the other day. We went a voting delegate because the states has one, but each state doesn't control its own immigration like we expect to.

I'm still not seeing why a bloated labor supply that is a factor in keeping locals unemployed, or a long overdue minimum wage increase that moves us up to U.S. standards circa 1982 is such a horror, such revenge. When someone finally explains how people are supposed to pay for the highest food, power, gas and medicine prices in America on the lowest wages in America, perhaps I'll join the chorus on proclaiming the end of the world in the CNMI because we're at $3.55 soon. The low wages are the reason we have the problem. It means there is no viable private sector, only a bloated, inefficient public sector that Bruce correctly rails about. That bloated public sector was paid for on the backs of immigrant workers. That is why so many people find this place revolting. That is why Dengre rails against it. The game has been so rigged for so long that he isn't so temperate in his comments. I can understand that. I find the Democrats pussyfooting about Bush all these years awful.

Why are we the only place in America where people are supposed to work for such meager wages? Why is this so acceptable? Why are we the only economy that can't survive without paying people such abysmal wages?