Monday, December 3, 2007

Smooth Seas and Mild Winds

Olive and I hosted several Marines and Sailors during their stay on island last week. We took them around to historic sites; we fed them wonderful (and to them exotic) Philippine food. We took some out on my small sailboat and let them sample our lagoon close up.

The reciprocated with kindness, and friendship not to mention a tour of their ship, the USS Germantown.

A couple of hundred turned out to celebrate at Porky's and we enjoyed their company; but the real fun was just being around these young men and women and listening to their optimism in the face of danger.

The Captain, who introduced our tour, remarked that the Germantown was just like a big pick-up truck in that it carries then unloads a cargo of men and equipment at the job site. I will say that she is a very well armed pick up and has a hellofa big gun in the gun rack over the back window.

Smooth sailing Officers and Crew of the LSD-42!!

Here are some photos:


bigsoxfan said...

Clean out the coral heads from the channel and they will come. Any comments on the new pathway from your visitors?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yep, hope there will be many more now that the channel has been cleared.

Most just walked straight up the road as before. Many took the available vans, busses or hired private cabs. Not many walked into Garapan...once there a lot of them walked down Beach Road.