Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Laguna Regatta

Tomorrow, Sunday December 30th., the Over The Reef Yacht Club will host the 33rd running of the Lguna Regatta. This is the longest running countinuously held sporting event in Micronesia (or is advertised as such). The Regatta is a series of sailbot races featuring Hobie Cat 16' racers held in the Lagoon north and east of Managaha. The action is exciting and can be viewed from Managaha, from a boat stationed around the course or fom shore in several places.

Come on out and watch if you have the chance, it will be a lot of fun. You can participate in next year's race with any similar sized cat hulled sailboat if you wish. Contact Tony Sterns or Ron Smith for details.


bigsoxfan said...

Damn, that looks like a good time. I hear they have ice boats up north of us. Hmmn, flip in 70 degree water or onto frozen water. Happy New Year. Mark, Erdene, and the pmpkn.

glend558 said...

Have a good year to you, Bruce, Olive and family

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks to both of you and the Bateman family wishes you and everyone out there in blogland a happy and prosperous new year.