Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Party for Northern Marianas Academy

You are invited!

Big Party at Porky's tonight Thursday Dec. 6th. 6PM to 2AM

The good folks at the Northern Marianas Academy are fundraising and saying THANKS all at the same time. Come on over and for only a $10 donation to NMA you will get free chasers, dancing with Parker playing live all evening, great company and lots of raffles and some surprises.

We will have a blast. Please come out and support these kids and the school.

The Porky's Crew


Anonymous said...

Do Imhave to dance with Parker :-))

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Don't have to,anonymous, but lots of folks danced the night away and enjoyed his music. (:-))

The fund raiser was a resounding success. The school amassed lots of contributions. We all had a good time. Thanks everyone, for your support.