Monday, November 5, 2007

Sort of makes sense now

-I was wondering why a guy that hides himself behind an alias would be so obsessed, yes I think that word conveys the correct and specific malady, about a political initiative. There is only one plausible reason I can come up with and that is deceit via cover up. When his true identity is known, it will become plainly and absolutely obvious why you see all the running around in circles, pulling the hair out screaming 'propaganda' at the top of his lungs (okay fingertips) that Pee Pee boy aka Phlegmatic Playdough aka 13 different anonymous posters with the same classless writing style exhibits. You will then see what his true motivations are and what his true affiliations were and are. Thus his burning desire to keep his identity secret at all costs. Thus his obsession with the Saipan Casino Act.
So I got down to doing a little cross checking and found, not his true identity yet, but his family tree so it is narrowed down considerably now. I have heard from a respected source that Pee Pee's Mom is a sodomite and does it with goats. Yes, goats. We're not talking merino sheep here we’re talking Billy Goat Gruff, cloven hoofed, smelly, shaggy goats. Not satyrs (as the family historian likes to pretend). The woman actually fornicates with ahem, should I say it again (?) goats, according to this reliable source.
Here, go to his own site and check it out RIGHT HERE


marianas life said...

ehhmmmm bruce, feux pax (sp?) big time! you and plato and lil can sling mud all you want, but keep the goats out of it, and mammas for that matter.

dang it, i thought you'd be posting on the wonders of playing kings or the shark that nearly bit off your bloody shin.

goats also butt heads and push each other over rocks and ledges to show who's boss. kind of like dogs pissing to mark their territory. the problem with you guys doing it is you'll just end up with a big headache or be arrested for indecent exposure.

yawn, this is tiresome and not even worthy of a greek tragedy.

i say let go and let goat or was it goad.

but seriously, mothers are off limits. although i do like plato's response. he recognizes a goad when he sees one.

what is the purpose of the boycott. you don't like bruce? he says things that are mean? he supported the casino act? are you not going to patronize rota businesses now because the citizens of rota passed a casino act? do you scrutinize the political views and activities of all the business owners who's establishments you frequent? taco bell is opening they are notorious for using tomatoes grown by underpaid migrant farmers in Florida. You going to boycott them? The CNMI has the 2nd highest rate of diabetes in the US. Are you going to boycott Budweiser? Cuz beer is mostly sugar and the consumption rate here is outta this world!

Shit. he supported something you don't. he didn't answer your questions the way you wanted. you feel he misled people. he said some mean things about you and your mom. life is so unfair. but wait the people voted against the SCA, so i guess they weren't misled which means a they are either smarter than you give them credit or b. bruce really isn't that influential and evil as you imagine him to be.

i say wwpd?
what would plato do?

bradinthesand said...

that's ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d

Ms. Dildo Civility said...

Tsk, tsk.