Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It must be the cupidity

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged, and I obviously missed a lot. In a brief cruise around the neighborhood I see that Harry has had numerous dives and posted some cool photos. Jeff has been blasting away with a lot of interesting topics. Angelo has traveled all over SE Asia. Even Randy Steele has posted a couple while I’ve been gone. I made 2 points over at Deece’s place. Brad is zero’d in on Luis Chrisostimo. And some asshole hiding behind the Pompously Phony name of Phlegmatic Playdough, working as a hack writer for his boss the Poker Prince thinks its cute to boycott Porky’s.

Apparently this jerk thinks I owe him some kind of answers to his one sided anti-casino diatribe. Here it is in a nutshell, whacko: I have written voluminously about this issue, and have covered all the ground that needs covering. I participated in an open, public debate during which I fielded any and all questions put to me regarding this issue, so where the heck were you if you had questions?

Listen up Pubescent Playschmo. If you want to hear my views on the casino issue come on over and let’s sit and hash it out. I have neither time nor inclination to recover the ground by typing reams of redundant responses for your particular benefit. If, on the other hand, all you want to do is play games and f--k around with me then be advised it will be my pleasure to track you down like a dog and explain it to you in a very personal way that I think even a wedge head like you will be able to understand. Any Questions?

As for me, I’ll be spending a portion of the next few days reading blogs and blog comments and responding where I think it makes sense to toss in my two cents worth. My opinions will be easy to spot; they have my name on them unlike the Perennial Putz.

By the way, a cursory look around the local blogsphere from a pace or two back having not seen the blogs for a couple of weeks leaves me with the impression that the best blog going right now seems to be Twinkletoes’s offering. He seems to have an everyday interesting mix of topical tidbits and I like the way he wields his PhotoShop program to manipulate photos etc. I just popped over there to see what the real title of his blog was and see that he has put up a poll on whether the Pansy Pugilist should boycott Porky’s. Answer, the idiot has probably never been there anyway. Thanks though, for the free publicity.


Pragmatic Plato said...

Thank you for you in-depth response to the Public Lands issue. I see clearly how you can side with the proponents of this Act and so vehemently encourage the public to do so as well.

Thank you for your detailed explaination on where the initial funding for the commission, exec. dir., treasurer, staff, operating expenses,travel, etc will come from without further burdening our already collapsing economy. I now understand why you embrace this Act.

Thank you for clearing up the issue with Commissioners being able to have a vested intrest in both the NMDIC and and Casino.

Thank you for shedding light on the NMDIC members and their background and hwo you arrived at a decision to trust them implicitly.


Thank you for threat. It really was not nesecary. You have already threatened me and the CNMI with your lies and propaganda in a f&%^ed up effort to garner support for this Act.


Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you do look up what has been said in the blogosphere with regard to this Act. I hope you learn to swallow your pride. acknowledge your error.


Boycott Porky's!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

You may rest assured that I have not, nor will I visit your site and draw traffic to it.

I also assure you that the error regarding the issue of casino gaming as a source of income on Saipan is all yours.

I won't be swallowing pride and I won't be swallowing any of your propagandistic bullshit either.

Now crawl back into your Poker Parlor and count the checks you've received from the Tinian coalition.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

What a Greek bitch! Some folks are taking this blog thing way too seriously. Welcome back Bruce.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the debate at the Multi-purpose center and the only thing I heard from you and Paduna is how the act will save the economy.. what type of explanation is that... Plato is right.. this act will destroy the CNMI and dry out whatever funds are present at this time.. is this a solution? are we ready to sell the Island of Saipan out for $1.00? Given that you haven't probably been here long enough to know those involved in the act, have you done research on the background of all those involved? I have, and in no way would I even invest $10 to the NMDIC.

Given the make-up of the act, the fact that even pro-casino supporter's see its flaws and are voting against it.. it is hard to believe that you can still push others to vote yes...

I am confident that the act will not go through and by any chance that it might.. Attorney's are ready to take this one to the cleaner's..

There are only 3 days left before the election.. I hope you come to your senses before you vote and vote NO to the Saipan Casino Act.
thank you.

marianas life said...

way to go bruce. i'm trying to behave my self and keep my gripes to work related bullshit and post pictures of butterflies in marpi and i get spammed to boycott porky's.

i know, we still need performers for scrooge. you could be scrooge since you're the 'money grubber' and plato could be kratchet or marley and help you learn from your mistakes before its too late. but that would require face to face contact, maybe even a drink or two, and shit, there's a boycott in place. i'd be there for halloween, but i've got a haunted house with teenagers in kobler to take care of.

Silly Socrates said...

Boycott the bill, but not Porky's. Porky's has nothing to do with this issue.

Let us stay rational, Plato.

Bruce, were you really paid to say yes to the SCA?


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Good to be back in the saddle, Randy. Thanks. It should be fun.

Thanks Bree. Lets contact Nahal and see if she will do a production. I'd be up for Scrooge. (:-)) Good luck with your haunted house venture. That's a grat way to keep the kids off the streets and focus them on positives. Good going. I visited your site briefly yesterday and I liked the butterflies. Where?

No chance, nony. I'll be voting yes. And your solution to our economic crisis is? And I'm sure you are right, the ambulance chasers will leap on this (or anything else they can make a buck out of).

Silly. I pay myself to write what I believe. Others can like it, lump it, learn from it, spurn it or tear it out and use it as ass wipe. Once I have unleashed it, it is then up to the reader. In this case, although not the best of all possible worlds I think it is better to do SOMETHING, even if it is flawed (and what isn't) than to mindlessly parrot the obviously failing status quo. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, I'll vote yes (apologies to the DAR). Glad you are still out there, Silly.

Ms. Dildo said...

By the way, the cave-dwelling proprietress of the most popular website on Saipan right now is a woman.

I say she has a pretty good range of well-written and thought-proviking posts, though her anger-management and civility issues may almost be as severe as yours.

Not that PP is without blame, of course.

Pragmatic Plato said...

How can I explain this in very simple terms?


The SCA (due to the flaws that I have mentioned and you are claiming to acknowledge exist) IS NOT A SOLUTION.

That is about as clear as I can be. Perhaps this would be better:



If passed this law will be challenged legally on multiple levels. Is this a solution?

If passed this law would put all public lands in jeopardy. Is this a solution?

If passed this law would immediately increase government spending without revenue generation to offset those new expenditures. Is this a solution?

If passed this law will create an unregulated Commission that can hold interest in both NMDIC and the casinos themselves. Is this a solution?

If passed this law will line the pockets of a few individuals and harm the rest of the population. Is this a solution?


Where is the solution? Maybe I have your premise wrong. Is the problem that the Government is too small? spending to little? not upsetting the constitution? If so then I see your side. This will resolve these problems.


Perhaps another scenario:

Bruce, what if I got an idea that the way the Grotto was formed was a good basis for my own fact that valuable gems were buried 400 feet under the water there. What if I drafted an act that called for the dredging of the grotto in an effort to obtain those gems. A solution to our economic woes.

What if you freaked out and challenge my fact that their were gems? And challenged the fact that by dredging the grotto we would harm the environment? What if I told you "well, we will see. If there are none then at least we tried." “you have no solutions to my snowballs chance in hell of finding gems is a go”

Obviously you care about diving and not too much about the state of the CNMI so maybe that analogy will help.

What you are pushing will harm me and the rest of the CNMI. It is not a solution as you proclaim. If you acknowledge the flaws as I have pointed them out then you must acknowledge that it is a problem.

By the way, I have been to your place many times. The last time I went there you were holding a pro SCA fundraiser so I did not enter as I obviously do not support the passage of this act.

Again, my call for boycott is an attempt to harm you financially in the exact same fashion your actions will harm me financially should the act pass.

If others do not feel that your stance would harm them financially then they do not have to boycott. If they do and would like to return the favor then they can join me in the boycott.

Pragmatic Plato said...

Here is a solution for you Bruce. Grab it and run with it!

A cruise ship that travels between the Mariana Islands. No need faulty legislation to make it work. Just need your pile of investors to establish it.

Once out 2 miles they can Gamble all they want.

Now you can drop the SCA endorsement. Since your only argument was that the nay sayers don't have another solution.

The cruise ship is feesible and is legal and will help toursim CNMI wide.

Hell, even I have taken a Cruise ship to the Bahamas in the past.

Come on Bruce. Drop the SCA propaganda. Isn't that what Glen keeps saying. It is DOA.

Boycott Porky's!


PS: Just incase you have decided to object to anything I suggest I would like to point out that this is not a solution I came up with. It was posted on the Commonwealth Dialogue Forum by a guy named Pete.

Pragmatic Plato said...

I changed my mind. I'm voting yes for the casino Bruce, I'm sorry. You're right. I've been an asshole. My name doesn't matter, but I was getting paid by the Tinian Dynasty and they screwed me over.

Pragmatic Plato said...

Yes, I have changed my mind. You are my hero Bruce!

Nothing like another lie to add to the mix.

The above post is not me and does not link back to my blog.

Boycott Porky's!


Pragmatic Plato said...

Vote yes for cashino and save our island. Biba!

Pragmatic Plato said...

Porkies has great sashimi. Please add gyros.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

MS. Dildo,
Moi? Anger management and civility issues? Retaliation against the retarded playdough? Moi? Naahhh.

Thanks for visiting, and I'll try to clean it up a little when you are here.

Plato TOO:

I'm laughing my ass off here. Well as very least I am chuckling out loud in an empty room. I may need to avail myself of some of Charlie Brown's 5 cent Psychiatry.

Thanks for the laugh. ...and yes, Gyros all around . One free for you and one for playdough bust man. (now I have to go out and find a lamb).

bigsoxfan said...

at one point, "bruce bateman put a rock under my bcd" He was a casino supporter, wasn't he bruce" Please say, yes.

Lc said...

Hello from Azores.


lil_hammerhead said...

Thanks for being so good as to respond to questions and concerns regarding the Saipan Casino Act. If there were reasonable addresses to these issues, I would have like to have known them, and may have supported the initiative, and helped promote it actually. Probably wouldn't have done much good with the lower than average voter turnout, but it is something to think about the next time another group determines the way they will go about promoting a casino initiative. An enterprise that has a historically questionable background must be fronted by individuals who are willing to do more than just sell an easy way out to the masses.. they must do some honest education, both pro and con. And must be open and willing to address all concerns. If not, it'll never happen.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Schizophrenic Cavegirl says just above : "it'll never happen".
If she hadn't run away from home to go to Guam, she would have seen it happen. She would have seen it in fact revitalize a dying economy.
Glad she left anyway.