Thursday, November 22, 2007

We got trashed

A good time was had by all last Sunday when the Marianas Dive Club and a group of other volunteers cleaned up the Sugar Dock area. An underwater cleanup followed a beach cleanup resulting in quite a pile of rubbish. Several dive shops participated as did MINA.

This qualified as the biggest piece of junk collected compliments of Steve Tilley.

Nice prizes were awarded for a golf ball 'scavenger hunt'

We had cupcakes thanks to Rose.

John Joyner, head of CRM came out to dig for treasure, or find buried trash. He couldn't find X so he dug at Y.

We even had a blog war truce when International Terrorist and left wing pinko Ron Hodges showed up to help stave off avid diver, SCC Member and Capitalist Pig Harry Blalock from the grasp of Hateful Extremist Tree Hugger Angelo Villagomez. All agreed that each was right. Each has an opinion and each has the courage to put their name and reputation on the line to express it. I didn't see anybody hug anybody, though.

So the Sugar Dock area is cleaner than it was and since many of our islands tourists and first time divers wind up here for test dives it is nice that they will have a better first impression of the great diving to be had in the Marianas.

Conclusion: Compressed air makes people friendly.

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