Friday, August 17, 2007

Toyota Cowrolla

Here's what the chic on Saipan will be driving a couple of years from now if the federal government annexes us and cripples our commerce by forcing their non-working immigration system on us.

Reeling already from the imposition of draconian labor requirements, now they want to decimate our tourism industry and wipe out what is left of the business sector.

What's next? Cattle prods to the testicles? Think of how bad it might be if any of the wanks that headed the recent 'public hearing' could actually vote.


Silly Socrates said...

Silly chuckles at the thought of a ride even more green than the Prius.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Green as a gourd, Silly. What's more, it travels a speed conducive to hugging ones favorite trees while passing serenely by.

glend558 said...

Well I'll not suck on these sour grapes,
nor taste their bitter wine.
But I'll stay here, sip on a beer,
knowing things will end up fine.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Good one Glen, thanks! May I use it?

Please do your beer sipping over at Porky's.

glend558 said...

Feel free to use it, even modify it if you so desire.
There can be many lines to use for the 4th one.
'and take my good ole time.'