Sunday, October 4, 2009

1 Moral Coward Outed; 1 Maybe

So it turns out the cowardly scumbag who hides his identity under the name pragmatic plato is actually glen hunter. It is fitting that the backbiting weasel who misnamed his phony on-line persona after a thinker turns out to be the actual backbiting weasel glen hunter.

Enjoy being outed, glen.

I wonder if you bothered to ask your boss at Pacific Trading if it was okay with him to spearhead a boycott of one of his own customers? Something tells me that the weasel in you won out on this one and that your moral cowardice caused you to ‘forget’ to mention that to him. Why don’t you run on over to his office and fess up before the word gets back to him that you are a traitor to your own company? It will go easier on you that way.

As the common law wife of Rep Tina Sablan I’m wondering if she has pussy whipped you to the point that you just can’t own up to your own opinions by putting your name on them or if you were just as big a moral coward before she met you? By the way, that effete Communist Che beret is the perfect topper for you.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your underwear.

* * * *

While we are on the subject of cowardly anonymous scum, I should be remiss without a short mention of the douche that called herself lil (referring to brainpower) hammerhead. Called herself, that is, until a few months ago when she/he/they ran away from home after being ID’d by another blogger.

Unlike Mr Brainiac, glen hunter, who outed himself by careless stupidity, the equally slimy hammerhead vociferously denied it and claimed that she was not Roberta Guererro. Whoever it was closed shop and ran away shortly after the identification was made making many all the more sure that it was in fact she that spewed shit under cover of the hammerhead alias.

Since I can’t be sure about the hammerhead ID since I have not seen the smoking gun that Jeff saw, I will leave that bit of doubt open. I’ll be an agnostic rather than an adherent to the theory that it was Guerrero and not another as the main culprit. I’m just not sure.

However, having read the stinking dung posted by hammerhead on several different blog sites I can’t help noticing that she either was psychotic to the point of actual split personalities or there was more than one person writing the hammerhead sleaze. Style, content, even viewpoint changed radically from post to post making me think Jeff may have uncovered only one of a cabal of ‘cunning runts’, and perhaps not even that.

So since I can’t be absolutely sure of just who this one really is I will close by saying “Whoever you are hammerhead, I want you to visualize me walking up to you , hawking up a big slimy (matching you) green lunger and spitting it right in your face. I know that is better than you deserve, but consider it my gift to you whoever you are.” May those fleas working on glen move into your undies when they are done there.

So which schizo freak is he/she/it really?


bigsoxfan said...

Nice comeback. Sadly, a flaw on the blessed Tina's halo, will higlighted by her association with such a character assasin. Seems she had the balls in the relationship, as she was willing to give up her day job and fight the good fight, while the man hid behind the skirts.
Just for the record, I have nothing to say about hammerhead, other than the Glenn with balls liked her, but I never met her.
I did say hello to Tina in the supermarket one day and was extremely impressed by her attitude as she did the meet and greet with other shoppers. RIP Glenn D. see ya Glenn H and hope you and Roberta end up sharing a double wide somewhere east of Eugene. Without internet connections, hopefully.

Silly Socrates said...

Silly thinks that a post is long overdue.

Silly also thinks that while copying his nomenclature and coming up with Pragmatic Plato (alliteration similar to Silly's), while forgivable, using such anonymous platform for other than promotion and progress of the public discourse was a shame, indeed. Exampli gratia boycotting, harming individuals via ad hominem, rather than focusing on systemic changes.