Monday, October 13, 2008


The world is full of coincidences, a few real, some imagined, most staged.

Miura, after 7 months in the Saipan hoosegow, volunteers to waive extradition when a California Judge correctly rules it would be double jeopardy to retry him for the murder of his wife after the high court in Japan already ruled him innocent. Now that he is almost sure to get let out on bail after sitting in the CNMI can for 7 months, he decides freedom is just too much responsibility and kills himself in an LA jail cell. Right.

I’m believing that one about as much as I’m going for the coincidence of US DEA storm troopers harassing 147 out of 187 Chinese passengers aboard an inaugural flight from Shanghai with tourism officials aboard “just because it’s their job”. Strange that they never performed their job that way before. Strange that they ‘didn’t profile’ but chose as their victims of intimidation and harassment 100% Chinese citizens. The nazi-like DEA stormtroopers claim they were ‘tipped off’ to a drug smuggling operation. Of course having found no, repeat no illegal drugs on the flight or in any of the bags which were checked three separate times, or on any the 147 persons whose underwear they checked and whose private parts they fondled repeatedly leaves one wondering about just who tipped them off. I say try checking Allen Stayman, or one of his henchmen. There is your likely ‘coincidence’. Find the ‘informer’, you will find the motivation for the outrageous harassment episode.


Anonymous said...

DEA is the scum of the earth. They absolutely love riding roughshod over people who find themselves at the DEA's mercy. They should be abolished. They're nothing but Stasi, scumbags who can't get a real job.

Jeff said...

So Miura is still alive or he was murdered? What motivation would there be to fake it or murder him?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Revenge, Jeff. Or greed...maybe someone took out an insurance policy on him, (so add irony). The guy is dead; they have his body on display. The question is, did he do it to himself or was he murdered?

I'll reverse the question, Jeff, what motivation did a guy who had just had his accusation reduced to conspiracy from murder and had a good chance of proving even that false, have for killing himself?


DEA certainly overstepped it's bounds in this case. Question is, who sicced 'em on that flight, nony? That person is the real scumbag.

KAP said...

A lot of things go bump in the night, but you shouldn't get paranoid just because everybody's out to get you.

I have absolutely no opinion on Miura's death at present, except that it's a good thing it didn't happen on Saipan. (See if Stayman was in LA, though)

The DEA is notorious for random thuggery.

Anonymous said...

To accuse Stayman of the DEA incident or Miura's death is pathetic. You are an ignorant ranter much like the hate radio heads that just blame with no sense or reason.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Attention cowardly scum sucking anonymous poster (Wed Oct 15, 06:49:00 PM 2008):

Try a course in reading comprehension. Stayman was not implicated in the Miura death. However, I can think of no more malevolent force acting on events in the CNMI than Stayman and to guess that he was the one behind the false "tip" that led to the Chinese harassment episode at the airport, is reasonable as far as I’m concerned.

The 'pathetic' one is you, noni. Try getting some balls and posting with a name, slimeball.

You are right about one thing. I am a hater. I hate anonymous assholes like you who creep out from under your rock and hurl nameless insults. Come and say it to my face, dildo breath.

KAP said...

Look up sarcasm in the dictionary nony.

I made the Miura statement to tease Bruce about the DEA

Oh, nevermind

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I fear you are wasting your time, as I am, Ken. Trying to explain what went on to that noni is like teaching a Boston Whaler to bake beans.