Saturday, June 30, 2007

So Borego feels better


Thanks for your helpful instructions on posting links, Borego. I'll take the time to work on the 'custom tab' details soon.
So you don't feel too bad about the happy happy joy joy photo in the first post, above find one that says it better.
Although I can't imagine why our stalwart Prez has struck a bad chord with the teachers of America as you aver in your post. After all his NCLB brought you federalized standardized testing so you are all forced to teach the test in order to keep your jobs. Then there is PRAXIS, ever popular, especially around here. I've heard you are all in for a raise, as soon as we get those pesky oil prices in check. Next, you'll all be getting personalized thank you cards from the white House ( that will start in October).
So help the guy out, send him a primer.
Thanks to all of you who have linked up to the Saipanuvian Speaks site so far.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Strictly speaking, he actually types.

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Bruce is finally in the blog-o-sphere and I just know he will always be kind in his comments toward me and other limping mallards.

Yes I know the title says the Saipan Saipanuvian Speaks, but what the hell, a little poetic license is allowed when one is a publishing mogul artfully articulating what his readership breathlessly awaits...both of them.

Since I know that most of you, cant hold your breath for very long, I will make this first test post short and sweet. The short part is that we're close to it's conclusion even now. The sweet part is I have been very polite and not the least bit negatory or nasty or even a tiny bit foul tempered toward anyone.

Sweetness and light. Sweetness and light.
How long will it last?